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Call Us Now (214) 641-3820



Run check on Vehicle to resolve the issue. This fee is only charged if I have to come out and don't do the job.

A/C Repair

AC compressor replacement, Recharge system, Leak detector, Complete System replacement

Full tune ups

Spark plug replacement, Intake removal, replacing fuel filters.

Hand Car Wash

Starts At $25

Headlight replacement

This is for the replacement of the full headlight assembly


Catalytic Converter

Price depends on the location of the Converter

Shock and Strut Replacement

Price depends on the vehicle Starts At $100

Radiator Replacement

Starts At $100

Fuel Pump replacement

Starts At $100

Wheel painting

Depending on the size of the rim, and the damage on the rims.

Starts At $100

Hub bearings replacement

Starts At $80

Transmission flush

Starts At $150

Radiator flush

Starts At $100

Belt replacement

Starts At $55

Water pumps

Starts At $75

Oil change

Complete system check, diagnose system, check all fluid level Starts At $40

Front Suspension

Tie Rods, Ball Joints, Hub Assembly, Rack &pinion Starts At $100

Brake Full Service

Starts At $100

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